Bronze Age Citadel Discovered in Northern Israel

Bronze Age Citadel Discoveredin Northern IsraelIsrael-Canaanite-fortress

NAHARIYA, ISRAEL—A 3,400-year-old Canaanite fortress that had been destroyed at least four times by fire has been discovered at a construction site in northern Israel. The Bronze Age citadel contained ceramic figurines in human and animal forms, bronze weapons, and imported pottery. The artifacts indicate that there had been trade ties with Cyprus and the rest of the Mediterranean basin, Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists Nimrod Getzov, Yair Amitsur, and Ron Be’eri told Haaretz. The fires also preserved remains of cereals, legumes, and grape seeds. Other Canaanite sites have yielded vessels bearing wine residues, but it is not clear if these grape seeds were left behind by wine makers. The site will be incorporated into the basement of the new residential structure. To read in-depth about another excavation in northern Israel, go to “Excavating Tel Kedesh.”


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