Traces of ancient life at Hatay Archaeology Museum

Traces of ancient life at Hatay Archaeology Museumn_93382_1

The Hatay Archaeology Museum, which opened in its new location nearly a year ago, takes its visitors on a journey with its interesting atmosphere and avant-garde technological systems.

One of the world’s largest museums, the Hatay Archaeology Museum is home to a total of 36,858 artworks, including 18,818 archaeological pieces, 989 ethnographical pieces, 15,044 coins, 1,509 seals, 423 tablets, two archive documents and 73 codices.

On a land of 56,000 square meters on the Antakya-Reyhanlı highway in southern Hatay province, the museum itself covers an area of 33,000 square meters. The museum’s first stage is currently open to guests, while the second stage is still under construction.

The museum’s display area follows a chronological order. Mythological events begin with a display of the Üçağızlı Inn before the Christian era features scenes from daily and natural life …


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