Ancient Warrior unearthed marching to the Afterlife with dagger drawn



The extraordinary find of a Bronze Age Warrior, ready to combat any obstacles on his way to the Afterlife from between 2,700 to 2,900 years ago, was discovered in Omsk City.

This discovery is intriguing to archaeologists as it has several unusual features; The well preserved skeleton had his arms crossed, with both of his hands holding a weapon. The unsheathed and ready for combat dagger in one hand, and a knife in the other. The ancient warrior also wore a mysterious metallic eye patch, hypothetically assumed to be either a badge, a mirror used to illuminate his route to another world, or perhaps protection from those who gave him evil glances. The Ancient Warrior also wore metal spiral earrings, which were undetermined at the time if they were made from tin or from silver. Also discovered nearby were an axe and some arrowheads.



This was an astounding discovery that was made along with four other burials. Unfortunately, those remains were destroyed. These five remains were found while a historical building was being restored on Muzeinaya Street in Omsk.



The director of Omsk Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Maxim Grachev, commented on the discovery, saying that five burials had been found, but the four others were destroyed.

“The ideal state of the grave was a pleasant surprise for us.  We found a large number of well-preserved items: weapons, jewellery, and other items made of bronze.  The warrior hailed from the transition period from the Bronze to the Iron age.  Other burial remains are likely to lie under the buildings on this site, but are not accessible. “

The ancient warrior was found to be well-preserved, as it had laid in the trench of a heating pipe that had been made during the Soviet era.

Albert Polovodov, a Specialist from the Regional Culture Ministery,  went on to say:

“In the right hand he held a dagger, the blade pointing forwards or upwards, as if  he was going to use it as a stabbing weapon.  In other hand was a knife, blade down, as he was going to cut, dissect, cut ligaments and so on. Clearly, it is imitation of combat use of these weapon.  It was as if he ‘was very carefully prepared for the road to another world, assuming that obstacles may exist in his way.  It indicated that perhaps during his life ‘he had to fight – perhaps in battles for territories.”

With the remains newly discovered, time and research must go into project of this size, before we can determine the culture the remains came from.




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